Construction Services

                                                                 I N C O R P O R A T E D

About Collins - Crochiere Construction Services, Inc.

    We are a family owned and operated business located in Wilbraham Massachusetts. We provide property owners and facility managers with construction services, which enhance the facilities in which they operate. We are a company, which is dedicated to supporting our clients with whatever scopes of  services the client requires.


    Collins - Crochiere Construction Services, Inc. is fully insured and bondable. All workers on our projects are covered by workmen's compensation. All subcontractors are required to submit copies of current insurance and safety programs prior to working on a job site.


    Generally, our area of service is a travel radius of one hour from our office in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.


    Collins - Crochiere Construction Service, Inc. is concerned with our environment and will continue to support and participate in the active recycling of excess materials, demolished materials and waste materials from our job sites whenever and wherever possible. We find the effort to separate a few items on site is rewarding when we minimize landfill deposits.

What can we do for you?


Core Drilling     

Concrete Work        

Roofing Systems 

Sprayed Ceilings                  

Acoustic Ceilings              

Steel Fabrications                    

Drywall and Taping                   

Cabinetry Installation         

Epoxy Floor Systems              

Metal Siding and Trim   

Insulation - Low E Fabric 

Insulation Fiberglass Batts

Welding, Grinding, Burning

Light Gauge Steel Framing

Aluminum Entry Installation

Building Accessories




Wood Trim

Wood Flooring

Wood Framing

Retaining Walls

Light Demolition

Masonry Repairs

Insulation - Rigid

Specialty Coating

Counter Installation

Window Installation

Vinyl Siding and Trim

Carpet and Tile Flooring

Water Infiltration Solution
Metal Stud Framing