Construction Services

                                                                 I N C O R P O R A T E D

General Maintenance and Repairs

    Collins - Crochiere Construction Services, Inc. provides maintenance and repairs services to business owners and homeowners across Western Massachusetts. Simple door adjustments, replacing a window, a new pocket door, adding insulation to a building, improving ventilation, etc.


    We can respond to a service call most days and evenings once contacts and rates are set for each client. We will work aaround your schedule and will not hinder operations whenever possible.


    When a business facility has a building problem it usually creates lost productivity, usually space, safe working conditions... don't procrastinate making needed repairs do the job the first time and see repairs outlast the surrounding areas. This also improves employee morale and performance.


    Our services can improve the capabilities and performance of a businesses maintenance staff or repairmen. We have access to private businesses or homeowners.