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                                                                 I N C O R P O R A T E D

Project Management

    How often do you hear these comments from a building owner:

"That G.C. made a bundle off my project"
"That G.C. used every low ball subcontractor and second rate

 supplier in the are to create his profit"

"If we could have used our in house staff or service subcontractors

 the G.C. would have built to suit our needs not is budget"

    Now Step back and imagine the best of both worlds...  A general contractor's capability to run and complete a project on time and within your budget. The owner or facility manager obtains the comfort of an inside view of the entire construction project.

    Collins- Crochiere Construction Services, Inc. has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with this contracting arrangement.  From initial project assessment, to budget analysis to closeout paperwork

 we will run your job a successful completion.


    Contact our office to review our budget in order to start this process and see

how it can and will work for you.